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Shanghai Trueland Information and Technology Co., LTD. set up in 2005. Mainly focus on the innovation and integration within the technology, product and service.Having become one of the leading integrated network marketing providers in China. Trueland take the integrating network resources, technology driven marketing as their concept, and put the most emphasis on the importance of marketing technology. In order to strengthen the D&R Dept, they have brought in the research and development personnel from other famous IT enterprise such as IBM, Microsoft, Huawei and so on. In order to strengthen the technology source power of Trueland, they reached a series of strategic cooperation with the computer institution of Fudan University, jointly developed the Trueland release engine, Trueland SEM system, Trueland SEO system, Trueland public opinion monitoring engine system, becoming the integrated enterprise and universities model of Shanghai. In 2011 jointly set up the Fudan - Trueland joint laboratory that is the so called the Trueland integrated network marketing research institution, most researchers are the most popular young lecturers who are currently from the Tongji University, Shanghai foreign language university, Shanghai finance and economics university. Trueland knows that future Internet marketing has two big trends, one is technology marketing, the other is content marketing, so puts forward Trueland's new positioning half technology, half advertising . Trueland stressed that in this big data and fragmentized era timing, we should do well on data collection, data analysis, data mining, data discern. From data to the anticipation demand, providing powerful basis to network marketing and brand marketing. As well as pay attention to the creation of the Internet content, such as organizing planning team, creative team, copy team, implement team and technical team to provide the integrated network marketing solutions.

As an innovative national high and new technology enterprise, Trueland attract great attentions from the Hongkou district government, City science and technology commission, City business council as well as Municipal development and reform commission. Becoming the restructuring listed do key guidance enterprise of the Shanghai Hongkou district.

Within the 9 years, Trueland has set branches in Beijing, Shanghai, Zhejiang , Jiangsu and so on. So far, among the 500 Turelanders, most of them are mainly focus on the technology and provide the service and product to 16000 clients and covers more than 10 industris such as electronic commerce, electronic government affairs, electronic academic affairs, tourism, education training, life service, IT, automobile, finance(insurance, securities, fund), medical treatment, fast moving consumer goods, clothing, industrial products and so on.

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